Our Mission

Our mission at Monduo is to bringing the best user experience our customers through hardware and software innovation harmoniously working together.

How we got started

Working together can mean a lot when it comes to friends, family and work. The phrase "harmoniously working together” instigated us at Monduo, not only apply this in our personal lives, but with the products we use to give us the best user experience.

Hardware and software harmoniously working together hasn't always had the best relationships. We have all experienced a product with great hardware but the software experience fell short and vice versa.

A few years ago, the Monduo prototype was created out of the constant frustration of portable multi-screen setups that were meant to help us work more efficiently. The hardware and software was not harmoniously working together. Constant arranging monitors in the OS, brightness differences between monitors, resolutions differences and different user interface from each monitor such as text size and images, was all making the secondary monitor experience very cumbersome.

In addition, the hardware of the monitors in a portable multi-screen setup were below certain specification in comparison to built-in laptop screens today. Such as resolution, brightness and color accuracy, not giving a unified experience. The hardware and software experience was not harmoniously working together to give a pleasant experience.

After a year of development Monduo was born. We look at all
the frustrations with portable multi screens setup and developed the hardware display and customized software to harmoniously work together giving our customers the best in class experience amongst our peers.

In response to the issues we had experienced, we voiced out our
answer with launch of the Monduo Pro Duo display early 2023. We are excited to equip you with the world’s first 16 inch Pro Duo display that will give you a seamless software and hardware experience, harmoniously working together.