Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver a semi-immersive visual experience to our customers through innovative hardware and software solutions.

How we got started

At Monduo, the concept of “working together harmoniously” resonates deeply with us, extending beyond our personal lives to the products we use daily for the best user experience.

In the past, hardware and software often had a discordant relationship. Many of us have experienced products with excellent hardware but subpar software, and vice versa. This discrepancy sparked the creation of the Monduo prototype, born out of the ongoing frustrations with portable multi-screen setups designed to optimize our efficiency. The lack of cohesion between hardware and software, manifested in inconsistent monitor arrangements, brightness disparities, resolution differences, and varied user interfaces, rendered the secondary monitor experience exceedingly cumbersome.

Moreover, the hardware specifications of portable multi-screen setups lagged behind the built-in laptop screens of today in terms of resolution, brightness, and color accuracy, failing to deliver a unified experience.

After a year of dedicated development, Monduo emerged as the solution. We meticulously addressed all the challenges associated with portable multi-screen setups, developing a hardware display and customizing software to work in perfect harmony, thus ensuring a best-in-class experience for our customers.

In early 2023, we responded to the challenges we had encountered by launching the Monduo Pro Duo display. We are thrilled to provide you with the world's first 16-inch Pro Duo display, designed to offer a seamless software and hardware experience that works harmoniously together.