macOS Installation

1. Software Installation

Once you have downloaded the Monduo app, please open it and your screen should look like the image shown. Please drag the Monduo app icon into the Applications folder. If you have not downloaded the Monduo app, please click on the link bellow

Software driver

2. Start the Monduo App

After you have draged the Monduo app into the Applications folder, please click on the LAUNCHPAD, then click on the Monduo app to start it.

3. Your first time

Congratulations and welcome to using the Monduo app for the first time. We just got started. In this instance we get a message saying that the Monduo displays are not connected. Please connect the displays to your laptop. (Note: This app will only work with Monduo displays and the built-in displays for your laptop).

4. Display Drivers

If you have not pluged in your display, please connect them. Make sure both displays are connected or there will be a reminder in the Monduo app. There is also a reminder that the Display Drivers has not been installed. Please click on that text to start the Driver installation.

5. Install

You will be prompted to install the Monduo drivers. This will enable high resolution (HiDPI) in macOS and better viewing experience. Click Install Drivers and enter your password credentials to procceed.

6. Install Complete

You have successfully installed the Monduo app and have full access to all our features. You can either reboot the Laptop or disconnect and reconecct the USB cable to your Laptop. Once again congrats on the setup. You are now ready to use all features which will make your macOS experience seemless.

7. Auto launch on starup

Before you reset make sure that the Monduo app is launched at startup. To enable this click on the Monduo icon and then click on the settings icon as indicated with a red arrow as illustrated. Once you have clicked the settings icon, you can now click on "Automatically launch on login" check box. After you have do this you will not need to worry about starting the app again.