14 Inch Pro Duo

OverviewTech Specs

A Brand New Look


Introducing the Monduo 14" Pro Duo, a refined and robust tri-screen monitor designed for the modern professional.

Its luxurious aluminum finish and crystal-clear glass screen make it the perfect companion for those seeking elegance and performance in their laptop setup.

Expand Your Vision


Compatible with 14" MacBook M1 | M2 and Windows

Add the World's Most Advanced duo screens to your laptop.

Boasting 2K resolution, a radiant 500-nit brightness, a comprehensive 100% DCI-P3 color spectrum, and an ultra-fluid 144Hz visual experience.

Enhancing Productivity for Pros

Offering up to 200% additional screen space, the Monduo displays elevate workflow productivity to unprecedented levels.

Allowing professionals to work from any location, experiencing enhanced efficiency and productivity like never before.

Seamless macOS Integration

The Monduo macOS app offers users intricate control over all Monduo monitor's settings and can automatically unify the interface to match the MacBook Pro's built-in display.

Elevated Windows 11 Gaming Experience

Experience 7K gaming at a 144Hz refresh rate with life-like colors and semi-immersive visuals. Play anywhere, anytime with Monduo.

Built In Adjustable Kickstand

A sturdy fold-out kickstand adds support for the Monduo displays mounted on your laptop